Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Social Networking Money

What Is Social Networking?

You have heard of the social networking websites like MySpace, Facebook, Orkut or professional networking sites like LinkedIn, but haven’t really used them or don’t know why they exist.

* So What do You mean by this Program?

Ok. Above type of sites are for chatting, blogging and for time pass also.
But do they pay for doing this things? answer is NO..
But I know how to earn from social networking site.
Where you can create friends, you can join different communities & also can do different stuff and site offers you a various products with some money of as your member of that site.

* Is It True? Why They Will Pay Me?

A Social networking site daily gets a core of HITS on pages. So that type of sites earn from ADVERTISERS and pays you some money from their earnings.

* How Much Will You Earn?

For doing daily more than 100 quality replies you can earn good cash. You require just one minute for each reply to post after a practice of 1/2 months. You can post 500+ replies per day and the work is continuous. So you can earn Rs.40,000-Rs.70,000 per Month.

* What Is The Nature Of Job?

Job is very simple. Just reply n get paid.
You can give more than 7 replies at a time. To know how scroll down and join us.

* My family & this work

They can use your account from any computer and can help you to increase your amount.

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